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I help wellness businesses achieve increased visibility & sales by transforming their website copy into SEO content that inspires, connects and resonates with health conscious audiences.

How I do this is through shifting the tone and use of words within your website so that readers feel a positive energetic exchange. The vibratory shift occurs by implementing powerfully activating words capable of connecting with the reader in high frequencies such as joy, honesty, empathy, encouragement and respect.

Combining words of wellness with thorough keyword research, competitive research and search engine optimisation strategies, what you get here at is a full comprehensive service.


“Charmaine provided a very comprehensive copywriting consultation for my website. She gave me precise advice and suggestions on what needs changing and what strategies would improve the lead generation and SEO ranking. I love how she rewrote the copy for one of the pages from my site and immediately gave me a brilliant example of how different and more impactful that page can be when she optimises it. I found her advice invaluable and very knowledgeable, and I have immediately started implementing it. I am now having her assistance with the optimisation of my entire website. Really looking forward to having a long sustainable relationship with this very talented wellness writer. Thank you, Charmaine, you’re amazing!”
“I am very happy with the services I have received from Charmaine. She has done an amazing job with the SEO copywriting of my website. Thank you very much for the extra time spent and the quality of my new website content. I am so happy!”

John Rey, Atlas Auditing

SEO Wellness Copywriter & Strategist
Wellness Life Coach, Writer & Explorer

Charmaine C. Ramsden

Health & Wellness SEO Copywriter

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  • 100% unique content written for every landing page of your new website in development.
  • Highly strategic website copywriting crafted for improved visibility, increased engagement and business growth.
  • All content created goes through full search engine optimisation research and applies full strategy to gain top ranking.
  • Content is evidence based, crafted for health conscious audiences.


  • SEO Copywriting encompasses all the elements of SEO merged with customised copy that resonates with the target audience.
  • SEO friendly copy that is written to convert readers into paying customers.


  • Keyword Research and Analysis as it pertains to your targeted health conscious audience & their information requirements
  • Professional audit of all content throughout your website from the perspective of “intent”, “vibration” “SEO”
  • Full report with a content strategy featuring guidance with respect to the transformation of your website in order to reach and connect with target audience.

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