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Are you struggling to get your business seen in the search engines?

SEO Content Copywriter Australia

Knowing what to say and how to say it, alongside attempting to master the implementation of SEO strategy, is a daunting task without adequate experience.

This is a tricky task to take on as a small business owner. You should be doing what you do best.

Merging tactical SEO insight with written content that in turn meets the intent of the user placing the search, leads to improved ranking and conversions.

An experienced SEO Copywriter will assist you in filling your website with quality written content that speaks to your audience in the way you had always envisioned.

Building trust, sparking interest and converting leads into paying customers. Let’s do this together.

    Capture the attention of your audience through winning SEO copy

    • Identify the search terms your potential customers are using to find your kind of business
    • A content audit can highlight all of your online content and help figure out a plan of action
    • Drive Qualified Traffic to your Business – It will convert!
    • Create More Quality Content to Enhance Website Authority & Increase Overall Rank
    • Improve User Engagement with your Target audience through Optimised Copy
    • Build Brand Awareness and Loyalty with your Chosen Tone and Voice

    Copywriting and Content Writing Services

    • Content creation for every landing page of your new website.
    • Highly strategic web copy based on keyword research & Search intent.
    • All types of web content for improved visibility.
    • SEO Copywriting focuses on the visibility of your search term in the search engines
    • SEO Copy written to relay benefits and solutions to convert target audiences.
    • Highly strategic copywriting that meets search intent in order to rank successfully.
    • Web Copywriting Services for all types of content on your website.
    • Get your website a Feature Snippet by addressing popular FAQ for your business service or products.
    • Have your business blog created and develop new opportunities for audience engagement and brand building.
    • The content proofreading and editing service is helpful to businesses who have already created website copy.
    • Have an experienced SEO copywriter provide edits and content repurposing opportunities for online success.

    Small Business SEO & Copywriting Services

    SEO Audit

    Quick and simple, if you haven’t had an SEO Audit before, you probably need one. Particularly if you are not receiving traffic to your website.

    An SEO audit will highlight errors and give you a better understanding of what improvements can be made to your web pages.

    Often there are technical issues that need addressed, or SEO elements that haven’t been optimised for successful ranking. An SEO Audit guides a plan of action towards improved visibility and is an important first step for success online.

    Keyword Research

    Do you know what keywords your potential customers type into the search engines? Are you aware of Broad searches versus Long Tail?

    Keyword research helps SEO Copywriters like myself target the phrases that get the leads.

    Keyword Research can be locally based, service based, product based, and some keywords even can target a customer ready to purchase.

    The key is to target the best suited keyword for the page and its proposition, type and intent.

    Website Content Strategy

    A website content strategy takes the results of the SEO audit, keyword research and content audit and devises a plan of action.

    Website content strategies are created so that the client knows what content is working for them, what content needs repurposing or further development.

    Additionally a website content strategy may involve a proposed Blog with a categorical silo set up to improve overall visibility, alongside establish topical authority and reach customers through alternative search phrases. A blog can reach traffic through helpful guides, tips and tricks, or through answering common queries.

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    What you should know about my copywriting service

    Immersive in research and strategy, I will go the extra mile to fully understand your audience & the nature of your business goals.

    I write to engage with your audience. I write to influence and persuade.

    I care about your passion and your drive to succeed in business. I want to help you get there. I have a relaxed, open communication with clients. There are no silly questions, and any concern you have, warrants my attention. Ultimately I want to meet your expectations and those of your target audience.

    If you are not satisfied, I will continue to write. I will get it right. Just how it should be said. Just how it would be read.

    Get it right the first time around and get your content professionally written by an experienced Freelance SEO Copywriter and Web Content Writer, based in Gold Coast, Australia.

    What is it that SEO copywriters do?

    SEO copywriters merge research-driven insight with a creative mastery of benefit driven copy and storytelling. It requires that the copywriter implement strategies to appease the ever critical Google search algorithm alongside professionally INFORM, CAPTIVATE and PERSUADE your audience.

    Website copywriters have a specific process to follow based on the type of page they are working on. Though all pages can in effect be search engine optimised, some of them will be crafted to guide traffic into a sales funnel and ultimately convert traffic.

    The key to success for an SEO copywriter is knowing that difference. They also need to obtain that critical balance between SEO implementation and product / service promotion.

    Your target customers want to read something that swiftly fulfils their needs and offers a unique and engaging solution to a problem. They want you to meet the intent of their search,.. or they bounce. It’s that simple.

    A seasoned SEO copywriter seamlessly delivers written copy that resonates with your target audience and satisfies Google’s discerning algorithm.

    15 Years Experience

    Working with local Gold Coast based businesses, and small to medium sized businesses Australia-wide, let’s chat!