If you are serious about building authority for your online brand, then creating and maintaining a blog on your website is an absolute must.

A blog content writer is a great asset to have on board to ensure that your website is producing quality content on a regular basis. Even if you are unsure what topics to feature in your blog, an experienced blogger can help perfect your strategy for a lasting benefit. At Get it Right Copywrite you will receive a fully optimised strategy designed to get you leads from your core audience.

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Business Blog Writing Service

The development of a business blog is a strategy that has been proven to take websites from all industries to a new level of success. By consistently publishing quality information that provides insight and relates to your audience on a personal level – you build trust and authority for your online brand. It also gives you a good boost in the ranking department!

My blog writing service includes:

  • Target Audience Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Blog Topic Research
  • Evergreen Content Ideas
  • Topical Silo Planning
  • High quality blog writing
  • Approval Process
  • SEO Optimised Metatags

I am thorough. I take my writing and my research seriously. In order to get the traction online, your blog post needs to be the best of its kind. It needs to be seen as valuable in the eyes of your audience. Whether you have some ideas to run with, or you would like me to do this for you – all topics that get written will be 100% unique and crafted for readability and engagement.

Reasons to revisit your blog:

  • So that you have updated content on your website. Google loves new content!
  • So that I can optimise / repurpose existing blog posts for a greater reach.
  • So that you can start building trust and authority for your brand again.
  • So that you rank for more search terms
  • So that you are supporting the overall SEO and topical relevancy of your website.

Benefits you get with a blog writing service:

Blogging traffic

Drive more quality traffic to your website

Increase engagement with customers

Reach your audience when they are needing help or seeking information

Social media shares

Build brand awareness

Get return visits

Converting quality traffic to paying customers

Other Copywriting Services :

SEO and Content Audit

SEO Audit

Quick and simple, if you haven’t had an SEO Audit before, you probably need one. Particularly if you are not receiving traffic to your website.

An SEO audit will highlight errors and give you a better understanding of what improvements can be made to your web pages.

Often there are technical issues that need addressed, or SEO elements that haven’t been optimised for successful ranking. An SEO Audit guides a plan of action towards improved visibility and is an important first step for success online.

Keyword Research

Do you know what keywords your potential customers type into the search engines? Are you aware of Broad searches versus Long Tail?

Keyword research helps SEO Copywriters like myself target the phrases that get the leads.

Keyword Research can be locally based, service based, product based, and some keywords even can target a customer ready to purchase.

The key is to target the best suited keyword for the page and its proposition, type and intent.

Website Content Strategy

A website content strategy takes the results of the SEO audit, keyword research and content audit and devises a plan of action.

Website content strategies are created so that the client knows what content is working for them, what content needs repurposing or further development.

Additionally a website content strategy may involve a proposed Blog with a categorical silo set up to improve overall visibility, alongside establish topical authority and reach customers through alternative search phrases. A blog can reach traffic through helpful guides, tips and tricks, or through answering common queries.

Blog Posts for SEO

Need a Blog Content Writer that specialises in SEO?