A content editing service is a professional proofreading service that comes to the rescue of poor-performing web copy.

Don’t fret If your business website is not on the first page of Google! Don’t fret if your visitors are failing to convert! You don’t have to start all over again! Get your content looked at by a professional copywriter.

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Site Audit

SEO Content Editing begins with a Content Audit. From this the strategist can identify technical elements and errors that are contributing to the lack of qualified traffic visiting the website. Current Positioning will serve as a benchmark to compare performance metrics once the content has been fully rectified and modifications published. Analytics help the content auditor ascertain page value, dwell time and bounce rates of existing pages. Dependent on the content itself, there are different ways of analysing these metrics and determining success.

Keyword Research

Often the popularity of particular terms can shift and new keyword combinations arise. Particularly when these phrases are more specific to your product and service, it is a strategic win to reconsider your top keywords and the pages that are targeting them. As User Search Intent is such an important factor in the newest ranking algorithm, your keyword list should highlight the audience motive on a per page basis.


Copyediting and content editing are similar but not the same by definition. The copyediting process eliminates grammatical errors within your copy alongside improves readability and sentence structure.


Implementation of SEO Strategies throughout your web page. From tagging, headers and internal link optimisation to maximising keyword relevancy, all content will be fine-tuned with both the search bots and the human reader in mind.

Maximise the appeal of your business over the competition by having your meta data edited by an SEO content editor. Strict character limits and keyword density rules apply. Increase click thru rates and brand awareness,

What is SEO Content Editing?

An SEO content editing or copyediting service is one that hands over your existing web copy to a specialist for optimisation.

With a background knowledge of what works for gaining traction in the search engines, a specialist goes through what is presented online and looks for areas of improvement.

This would include areas such as your:

Titles, headers, web copy, naming convention for images, alt tags, internal links, keyword use, lsi, and the layout of your content.

Any helpful analytics that you have to share with the SEO content editor is always going to help the end result, so have this readily available when initiating services.