A question I get frequently from business owners is what is the difference between copywriting and SEO Copywriting? I mean, don’t we want all of our pages to rank successfully in Google? And isn’t it the objective in having a website, to convert visitors into paying customers? Why does this have to be so confusing?

It doesn’t.

With any website, of course there is an objective to sell, sell, sell. At least for those promoting a product or service online. And certainly, you want visibility,.. for without it you are not getting the leads. This is all true.

Every page on your website has a specific end-goal

The difference is that every page has an end-goal. This is determined by the page and the content presented.

Home page, service page, about us page, FAQ, blog pages, contact pages, categorical pages, product pages. There are a multiplicity of different types of pages, and yet all of them will require a different strategy dependent on the goals of your business.

Yes there is writing on all of those pages. Some pages however, will require content to be short and concise, and distraction free. Other web pages will need more detailed information for authority building. Some pages need to be benefit driven and easily scanned with the eye. Others do well with storytelling and foreshadowing to keep the audience on-page.

Copywriting is sales copy – intended to persuade the audience to take action.

If you think about it, when we communicate to people verbally we also use similar strategies. Think about what you have been told about promoting your business or service in a networking environment. Anyone who has been to a small business networking event will know that they need to have something short and powerful ready to communicate, in order to spark interest. If you are in marketing, getting that message across with clarity and minimal distraction is priority. They say you should opt to “Dumb it down” for those unfamiliar with your business offering. Highlight benefits over features.

Once someone has been introduced to a product or a service and they see the potential value, they will come back to learn more. Usually the next time they seek information, they will be willing to put more time into learning about the features and about the finer details.

What strategy works best for a business homepage?

Keeping this in mind therefore, let us consider the most popular page of your website. The one that will receive the most traffic – your homepage. The homepage is where you make that sales pitch. Its important in that space to keep your communication short and to the point. Leave the long winded ramble for a page where the audience will appreciate the added information. (And so will Google).

The goal of SEO copywriting is visibility

SEO Copywriting does its best to harness the art of copywriting as it merges SEO strategy, but the first objective is getting visibility. There has to be a certain amount of keyword relevancy, and topical authority weaved in its creation. It must be an enjoyable read whilst fulfilling the search intent of the audience.

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