HairMax® Ultima12 – LLLT LASER COMB

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Introducing the latest discovery in hair regrowth technology. A sophisticated medical device and laser light treatment resulting from over two decades of research and development. Delivering nourishing laser light energy directly to hair follicles to support the regrowth of hair, The HairMax Ultima12 Laser Comb gives you the ability to experience thick new hair growth within weeks.

What is the HairMax® Ultima12 Laser Comb?

The HairMax Ultima 12 Laser Comb is a FDA cleared, state-of-the-art device using Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Non-invasive and clinically proven to deliver results, the boost in laser energy provided by this device has been shown to increase cellular energy through enhanced ATP production, increasing the blood flow to the hair follicle, thereby increasing oxygen and nutrient supply. Antioxidant defenses are activated which in turn speeds up the elimination of waste products such as DHT and the build up of dead cells.

How does the HairMax® Ultima12 Laser Comb Deliver Hair Growth Results?

  • Laser Phototherapy is a Laser Treatment also referred to as Photo-Biostimulation
  • Works similar to photosynthesis, which activates the growth in plants.
  • The Laser comb delivers a visible light in the red spectrum to the patient scalp.
  • This light energy is both nourishing and therapeutic to the scalp and hair follicle for it stimulates growth factors and extends the growth phase of the hair growth cycle.
  • Blood circulation gets restored to the scalp, facilitating optimal nutrient absorption

Suggested Usage:

  • Glide the device very slowly in a combing motion over your scalp.
  • Takes only 8 – 12 Minutes
  • Use 3x a week

Benefits of the HairMax® Low Level Laser Comb

  • Treats hair loss (Male and Female)
  • Stimulates the growth of hair
  • Increases Hair Thickness (Density)
  • Revitalises hair that is damaged
  • Reverses the process of thinning hair
  • No Adverse Side Effects
  • Drug-free Treatment
  • Only laser device cleared by the FDA to treat Androgenetic Alopecia
  • LIT-INSLCULT12-00 02/15

HairMax Laser Comb Features:

  • 12 Medical Grade Lasers – (Not LED lights)
  • Treatment Time – 8 Minutes
  • 3 Treatments Per Week
  • Hair Parting Teeth – Max Energy Penetration to Scalp
  • Full Scalp Treatment or Treat Targeted Areas
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Cordless and Lightweight
  • No Harmful side effects have ever been reported
  • FDA Cleared as a treatment for both men and women
  • Clinically Tested – Clinical Studies for the HairMax Laser Comb
  • Rechargeable Li-Poly (Lithium Polymer) Battery

HairMax Laser Comb Product Safety:

  • Low Level Laser light – Avoid direct eye exposure
  • No Harmful Side-Effects
  • No Risk from Over-exposure
  • 650nm is visible red light and completely safe,
  • NO exposure to dangerous UV or UVB light


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