Introducing the Derma Roller and “Skin Needling” by Skinrolla

The Derma Roller is one of the latest technological advancements used by hair restoration clinics and coveted by hair loss patients globally. It has been shown to dramatically improve hair regrowth in patients through a process called “skin needling” or “micro needling”. Significantly improving the delivery and absorption of the prescription hair regrowth serum, the derma roller is a vital component of the hair by science hair loss treatment.

The Science behind the Derma Roller Device – “Skin Needling” or “Micro Needling”

The Dermaroller Australia is also referred to by its strategic mechanism of action, which is “Micro Needling” or “Skin Needling.” A handheld device, the Derma Roller is constructed with a rotating wheel made up of micro sized needles, attached to a handle. The wheel portion of the derma roller along with its tiny needles is rather small in size being only a few millimeters long.

Does the Dermaroller really work for hair loss?

Though initially the Derma Roller had been introduced as a device with uses specific to the field of dermatology, proving itself useful in repairing skin imperfections, such as scarring, the Dermal Roller has been found to have an even greater scope within the hair regrowth industry.

How to Use the Derma Roller to Improve Hair Regrowth Rate

The Derma Roller is designed to be rolled over the skin, where the needles then press against the skin tissue. When used as a hair regrowth device, the Dermaroller, in much the same way is rolled across the scalp, focusing on balding areas and where the hairline is receding. This action is believed to trigger the body through its wound response to stimulate the production of proteins that result in the development of new hair follicles.

In January 2013 a study investigated the effect of micro-needling in Androgenetic Alopecia. Microneedling was discovered to be a safe and a promising tool in hair growth stimulation. Researchers concluded that the stimulation of stem cells resulted in the activation of growth factors.

The Derma Roller Australia – Believed to trigger the production of human growth factor which in turn triggers the production of hair cells.

Hair growth relies on genes that activate new hair cells to develop and grow. There are several chemicals that must be present to trigger the production of hair cells. The most important of these chemicals is human growth factor. Scientists believe that the derma roller may be effective in triggering the production of human growth factor.

As the needles of the Derma Roller are rolled along the skin, minor surface wounds appear within the tissue. Since the body is designed to respond where there is injury or infection, these internal factors set to work to produce new skin at the wound site. In doing so human growth hormone is released amongst other chemicals known to assist with this process. It is believed that when these chemicals are released, the growth of hair is also stimulated within the affected area and this is indeed a benefit where a patient may be experiencing thinning.

The Derma Roller – Its Role with Collagen and Elastin

The Derma roller is a hair regrowth device that has also been shown to increase the levels of collagen and elastin in one’s skin. Where patients have developed pits, stretch marks, scarring and wrinkling, this is usually attributed to the lack of collagen. Collagen plays a crucial role on skin texture. Through the use of the derma roller patients can anticipate an increase in the level of collagen present in the skin.

Skin Needling with the Derma roller

Though the thought of tiny needles rolling over the scalp may sound like it hurts, the Derma Roller is not designed to cause the user pain and distress. Because these microneedles are extremely minute, what one can expect is more of a tingling sensation when using the device. The Derma Roller temporarily opens the pores on the scalp, so that hair growth serum applied after a session can absorb deep into the lower layers of the scalp where often it cannot gain access. Providing this pathway offers the patient a much greater potential for quick, thick hair regrowth. Where there are hair follicles that have not been successfully responsive to topical serum, the Derma Roller may offer further stimulation so that that blood supply is delivered to the uppermost layer of the scalp with haste allowing a better oxygen supply to the hair roots. Check out our affordable plans and regain hair confidence today.


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